Our adoption process is relatively simple. We require an application, a phone interview and a home visit by one of our dedicated B2TR volunteers prior to adopting one of our English or French bulldogs.

PHONE INTERVIEW - Please allow up to 3-4 weeks to receive a call, text or email to schedule your phone interview. During the Phone Interview our volunteer will go over bulldog related issues, proper food, your knowledge of bulldogs and what type of personality would fit best your in home. 

HOME VISIT – We need all family members available for the home visit.  This gives us all a chance to talk about rescue and we can learn about your expectations for a rescue bulldog.  If you have existing pets, it gives us a chance to meet them, too.  We also check security of gates, fences and screen doors (if applicable).

FINDING YOUR BULLIE – Upon approval, we’ll immediately contact our foster families, describe your situation and look for a bulldog we think fits your home dynamics.  We rarely get puppies. Typically, we’ll send you photos and a short bio on a dog we think will work in your situation. If you are interested, we’ll put you in touch with the foster home.

You’ll then coordinate a meeting spot to meet the dog. Please keep in mind that not all bulldogs are listed. Sometimes a dog comes into rescue and is placed in an approved home very quickly.  Please be patient during the finding your bulldog process. We need to make sure we have the perfect match for you and our rescue bully.  We also have an adoption event once a month at our Adoption Center and Bulldog Store.  

******************Carolina Pet Pantry 323 Unionville Indian Trail Rd W Suite B, Indian Trail, NC 28079***************************  

This is a chance for approved homes to meet multiple bulldogs at once.

Bullies 2 the Rescue is a 100% volunteer non-profit organization. We’ll make every effort to schedule your home visits at a time that is good for you.  Please be flexible to our schedule, as well.
Adoption fees range from $100 to $1,500, depending upon the age/health of the dog.
All rescue bullies are spayed/neutered, micro chipped and up-to-date on all shots prior to adoption.
We very rarely get puppies through the rescue program. If we do rescue puppies, they tend to come in due to problematic medical conditions that require a great deal of personal time and financial commitments to care for them.
You are giving a homeless dog a second chance. This means having the time and patience to work with social, emotional and behavioral problems. In some cases, a health issue is present.  We disclose all information we are given and are aware of, as we want to make this as smooth a transition for the dog as possible.
Many rescued Bulldogs don’t get along with other animals and some can’t be placed with small children.  Because of this we do not adopt out to families with children under 10 years old. This is for your child's and our bulldog's safety and well-being. We hope that as parents you can appreciate this. 

Yes, we do allow out of state adoptions but you MUST come to us to adopt. You've got to sign the adoption contract and have your photo taken for the official announcement! We do not transport or allow transports-for-hire. We do not adopt outside of the U.S. If you live in Canada, please apply with one of the rescues there.

If you’re seeking to obtain a cheap English bulldog or you’re looking for a specific color or look or only want a puppy, rescue is probably not for you. It is important for all interested parties to understand that our primary commitment is to the dogs who are in our care. We look for the right family to suit our rescue dogs.  It’s not about picking out the cutest one.  The cutest one may not be your match!

Please do your research prior to applying.  Bulldogs are extremely high maintenance dogs.  They are indoor dogs; require premium dog food, daily cleaning and lots of love and attention.

Wonder what your adoption fee pays for?  This is what it costs rescue to rehab a dog.

Please submit your application from a computer, not a smartphone. If you have problems submitting your application, please submit photos / screen shots of your application and email to customerservice@bullies2therescue.com with an explanation of your issue.

To check the status of your application, please email applications@bullies2therescue.com.

No phone calls, texts or direct messages please. We will do our best to return your email within 48 hours. Please remember we are a volunteer-run rescue.

Serious applicants only please! Our volunteers need to focus our time screening applications that are committed to the process.

​​​​​​Your screen will go blank and you will not get a confirmation email. 

Please allow 3-4 weeks for a volunteer to schedule a phone interview. 

To check the status of your application, please email applications@bullies2therescue.com.

Please do not send messages via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram asking about the status of your application. 

Bullies 2 The Rescue